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plans to build a motion flight simulator???? (dreamflyer)


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Hello everyone I am both new to flight simulation and your forum so I hope this is in the correct area.


I have a basic Saitek set up right now and just using my 55' tv as a screen it works but I already know I want something more realistic unfortunately I can't afford a $10,000 VF2000 with 185 degrees of motion like you see on youtube, but I am good at building stuff in metal. Besides budget an because of a physical handicap I am looking for a certain type of motion frame that is safe & secure for me to get into easily and the old Dream-flyer seems to fit those requirements better then his new cloud-flyer/cloud-walker design . I would like to modify an add some type of air cylinders or servo motors to make motion work with the yoke vs joystick, but the biggest issue right now is even though dream-flyers are a older version (just up form pvc joyriders) there doesn't seem to be any source to get plans for a Dream-flyer frame??? Dream-flyer's web site doesn't show plans for sale either and I did email them asking about plans but haven't received a response so far so I was hoping someone here mite have some ideas. I am on small budget so building a simulator is more practical I my case then buying a ready to go motion simulator.


Can anyone point me towards a link where I can get plans for building the old dream-flyers?


Also if anyone has suggestions on other plans that offer similar motion frames with the stability and solid entry access of dream-flyer please post a link for me.

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This sounds like a great idea to follow. Something simple, cheap(ish) & motors? hydraulics? I've read that all that is needed is 6deg of movement.

We have a static sim built up, & the emersion factor is such that if a real pilot is flying, he/she will anticipate landing & 'bump'in their seats.

Yup, it would be nice to tilt it a bit!


Cape Town, South Africa

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I frame plans/build is the first hurdle for me and some plans that already have the balance & pivot points figured would be huge help


form what I have found the dream flyer originally had 6degree, but like you I think I'd like more aggressive amount of motion. I read a article some where the other day where they had 40 degree an that was a basically a pvc frame joyrider he used 18" stroke air actuators (cylinders) to get that range of motion . I like the air system but not the PVC


Here is the link to that one : http://www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-Pneumatic-Flight-Simulator/


My other thought was to use servo motors like you use in a CNC table an I can buy them fairly reasonable online

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ya those long air cylinders coming form the floor all the way up would be expensive I am thinking shorter ones off the upright pole.


There was a video somewhere that they did build one out off wood and seemed to work good but it looked a little to big and bulky for my taste I will probably just stick to steel tube


progress so far is slow my son is helping with the electronic control part he had that andruio program working but wasn't happy with it , so has wrote a new program that we tested with the flight yoke the other day . he is also trying to decide what he wants me to order for the amplifier broad to control 12v air valve or linear cylinder

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