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recommend a 2d panel for the 747

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I have just got round to trying the X 747.

The panel is OK (same as 4) but lacks manual startup ,everything cntrl E.

I have tried one new panel ,which is an improvement over the default ,but still only allows control e for startup.

There is no battery or avionics switch.

So I would be interested if you are using and can recommend your 2d panel.


Cheers Andy


PS I would prefer a 2d panel that retains the default 747 Vcockpit.

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I created one as well, as an update of a FS-2004 panel. b747pnl_aj.zip


Hello Andy

I have downloaded and installed your panel.

I haven't tried it in flight yet.

I want to get a decent 747 to install it into.

It has a lot of extras/features so have just been looking and trying to understand what is what before flight trials.

Its definitely a cut above some others I have tried .Some of the elements of the panel are familiar to me from Fs9.

Importantly it has manual startup options ,battery /avionics etc which I like.

Will be trying it out soon.


Cheers Andy

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