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Keyboard modifications


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I have modified a keyboard for the switch controls in a light Aircraft. It works well and is a nice cheap way of making things a little more realistic without spending a fortune. I'm now moving onto Airliners and want to do a similar thing to emulate the MCP and Overhead Panels of a 737. I think I can see how to do this but as far as I can tell it means I lose my GA config. Is there a way of saving two different keyboard layouts, one for GA and one for Airliners?


Also can anyone advise me what the essential keys are that I need to map in order to start up and fly a 737 from cold and dark. I have a Yoke, rudder pedals, throttle and Saitek Radio stack.



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Your keyboard presets are stored. In a file called:



it is located in folder:



Save it a copy. (under a new name, in that same folder)

Then start fsx and start adjusting your keyboard settings for the new plane.



You can also simply rename it.

When you do that there is no more file called standard.xml

The next time you start fsx a new standard.xml is created, with all the default keyboard presets.

(On starting fsx, you will get the prompt: "Do you want to accept th default keyboard settings? Yes/No". Say yes.)



On a side note,

If you delete the fsx.cfg and start fsx, you will also get that prompt.

Refreshing the fsx.cfg refreshes your keyboard presets.

So when you do that it is a good idea to save a copy of the standard.xml at the same time as you are deleting the fsx.cfg file.



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