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Dual Boot to run FS9 on Win7 ?


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Hi Folks,


Yeah - did the Win 10 upgrade thing and for the life of me I can't get FS9 to work in a consistent manner - I get all kinds of crashes and hangs - it crashes just about every time I attempt to end a flight - sometimes it just hangs indefinitely - the aircraft previews don't show any image - etc etc etc... Even my steam edition of FSX has similiar issues although not as prevalent... Seems like a bad deal all around...


From what I've read P3D seems to like Win 10 - which I haven't tried yet but plan to do so...


Thought - can I easily make a dual boot system without affecting my Win 10 install ? I have my original Win7 disks and I was thinking I could reinstall Win7/FS9 on a separate partition... Do I need software to make this easy ?






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