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Aerosoft Airbus 320 Managed Descent


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Maybe it's time to actually read the manuals ( available in several languages ) that Aerosoft supplied with the product , especially Vol 6 the step-by-step guide . If you take the time to fly the tutorial EVERYTHING is explained .

Before you ask where they are situated --- Start --> Aerosoft --> ???



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Hi guys,


Quick question on how to initiate the A320 to do a managed descent. Is there a special thing to add into the FMS?




I just had an issue with this today and ran across your post. The issue for me was that, for whatever reason, my FMA was not showing 'ALT CRZ' despite having flow along at cruise altitude and managed throttle for an hour. I reasserted my cruise altitude. Immediately ALT CRZ appeared, the CRUISE checklist menu went green, and the DESCENT PREP menu went orange, which is what I needed.


Hope this helps.

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