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FSX finding traffic in files that are nowhere

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Hi everyone,


I am having a strange problem in FSX. I have installed some retro AI traffic, and so, decided to remove my WOAI traffic


I unchecked it in the scenery menu, it was still there, so I deleted the entry, it was still there, so I moved the WOAI files to the recycle bin and for some unknown reason, I am STILL seeing my WOAI traffic. I did a search for WOAI traffic files in case they were somewhere else as well, and came up empty.


I don't understand how FSX can be using files that don't exist. It is very unrealistic to be in a DC-8 in a retro airport, and then see a 777 alongside.


Any help is greatly appreciated. :)



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If properly installed, WOAI aircraft are in folders in FSX/SimObjects/Airplanes. Traffic files are in FSX/Scenery/WorldScenery folder. I didn't quite understand when you said you unchecked it in your scenery menu.

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I had something like the same problem with 'Vehicle Simulator' and Win 7, I deleted some addon planes and ships but they kept appearing in the sim.

I asked the programmer and he said it's Win 7's fault because it keeps the deleted files hidden away somewhere.

He gave me geeky instructions how to get rid of them permanently (which I can't remember), but I couldn't be bothered so I uninstalled the whole sim.

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1. They are not hidden away in some bizarre Win 7 folder.


2. They are however in your FSX directory somewhere. And they DON"T even need to be in the default location to be used, just anywhere in FSX.


3. You might want to try an AI Traffic utility that will scan your entire FSX directory locating all traffic files. Then you can remove them.

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