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iFly 747-400 SP1a - Amazing!


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As some of you may know iFly released a service pack for the 744 V2 recently, as featured in PC pilot and the FSX splash screen on Steam Edition.


Let me just start by saying I am completely and utterly blown away by the aircraft. Its in short "amazing" to say the least. Gorgeous textures externally, a great external model with silky animations and a virtual cabin really shows the 744 at its best.






Then we come to the VC. Holy hell Batman! Its eye candy galore! And as far as I can tell every single switch and dial is fully active and used in the simulation. Superb lighting that can be adjusted to suit time of day, and some extra animations such as moving seats, glareshield and the like make this cockpit a top class premier experience.






The bug-bear of the iFly 744 previously was in-consistant frame rates and fluctuating VAS usage. This is no longer the case. Almost rock solid frame rates, and VAS usage nailed to the 700mb region means that I am able to fly this Big Girl at high frame rates (40+ easily) while still using high end terrain such as OrbX, UK2000, Fly Tampa and Aerosoft Mega Airport packages all at the same time. Flying from one high definition location to another has never been this good with such a weighty airplane simulation.






There are some drawbacks however. First the gauges are locked at a low-ish frame rate. Only really a visual issue at high frame rates. At 25-30 fps its not that bad. Secondly the fuel burn rate is imo a little excessive. I attempted a flight my 787 can do on less than half fuel load and took roughly 30% in the 744 which was well above the indicated fuel required.

I ran outa "safe levels" of gas 2/3 of the way there and had to abort to an alternate. This can be adjusted however with a minor CFG tweak so not the end of the world.


So for summation and for those that think TLDR; iFly 747-400 V2 Sp1a ; iScore 9.5/10





The best 747 on the market. Bar none.

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Do you think that it's better than PMDG?

It might well be, given PMDG's 747 age.

Very nice review, I'd like to see more, I don't mind whether it's aircraft or scenery, any form of review would be a cool thing.

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I did a PMDG 744 flight on my mates PC before making the decision to go for the iFly version. This iFly version is far superior in textures across the board. It makes the PMDG show its age and really blows it away as far as fidelity is concerned.


Simulation wise I am not that familiar with the PMDG 744 characteristics other than a single test flight as noted above. So I cant really make any conclusions on which is the "better sim". But I would again say imo the iFly is almost identical in flight procedures so its likely very similar.


At the moment the smart money is the on the iFly. I dont often make such threads, so it has to be a really good product to motivate me enough for a review thread.


Suffice it to say I didnt even scratch the surface of all its features. Full TCS/NAV Radar/WX Radar systems, loads of customisation options, and an aircraft management app that doubles as a fuel and pax loader are just a few of the extra goodies available.


Its a great package, and I am thoroughly pleased with my purchase. The same cannot be said of my PMDG 737 NGX.

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Yes it is amazing and PMDGish, and with SP1 its performance is equivalent to PMDG NGX (better than 777).

They worked on improving both fps rate and VAS proofing, I've been flying it back and forth lately a lot. I posted FSDT KLAX approach pics on their forum, awesome performance and systems refinement with bug clean-up.

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Fully agree. I have it in fs9 and it's the most amazing add-on I've seen. The VC is fs9 is light years beyond anything else with its clarity. And it's FDE is right on the money.


Speaking of money, these guys produce high quality aircraft at a reasonable price. If they follow the same example with their 737 and give us extra versions like the Frieghter and -8 models etc without charging extra, they'll make a lot of us simmers more then happy.


Well done iFly.

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