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GA cockpits - what setting for front view


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I've seen a few homebuilt cockpits of GA aircraft where the front FOV over the main 'real' panel shows the prop.


What forward view setting do people use in FSX where they have built there own MIPs?


Do you still use virtual cockpit but zoomed to a realistic scale?

Or is it some other setting?


Im only running a 27" monitor At the moment but my cockpit will either be using a projector or large (e.g 50" LED TV). As i dont need to display the instruments on the monitor, i wondered if people just zoom in to 1 or higher?





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This will not help much but I use cockpit views on my three projector setup on a curved screen using Immersive Display Pro software which helps setting the views, zoom, warping ...etc. There are several posts out there talking by about removing the panels from the cockpit view, that is what u want. Not sure about the propeller, I do not have it, it looks weird to display it on any screen when u have a physical cockpit away from the projection surface.



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I used to simply use the 2D view without instruments, but I used to get strange texture black outs when looking left and right through the side VC windows. Now I have a custom view found on AirDaily that puts my viewpoint slightly over the engine cowling, so I can see sideways with just wing tips showing, and I get to see the prop turn.

- Paul Elliott


Come and follow my recreation of this historic light here: HERE

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