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Rex4 and FScene Total Pack?


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I am running FSX Steam and I will be installing Rex4 Texture Direct HD with soft clouds as well as Rex4 Weather Architect.


My question is would there be any advantage in installing FScene Total pack before I install either of the Rex4 programs that I have, or will everything that FScene does be rendered useless by the two Rex4 programs?



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Rex4 Textures and FScene do different things. It is of no consequence in which order you install them, they will not interfere with each other.


Rex: replaces sky, clouds, water, some airport ground textures. You can do this any time too, it has multiple texture sets that you can install into the sim whenever you like.


FScene: replaces all the generic ground textures (city, forest, grass, mountains etc.) everywhere once and for all (like for example GEX does).

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