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Looking for PMDG 777 "Chief Pilot's" Package Printed Manuals Set


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Hello, As a 65 year old I have quickly aging eyes which makes it a struggle to read detailed pdfs on my desktop, even using a 23" monitor. If the document is important enough I print that baby out, providing the document's use of color is not extravagant for extravagant's sake.

Anyway, I have decided to learn the triple-seven as developed by PMDG. When it was originally released (2013?) they offered a printed set of the accompanying manuals but their site states it is no longer available, they offered as the "Chief Pilot's Package" [mentioned on page 57, Introductory pdf]. I would be interested in speaking with an owner who is willing to sell it, provided its binders and pages are intact and usable. And pricing isn't ludicrous.

I really do not expect a PMDG 777 simmer captain will be selling off a hardcopy of his or her operating manuals but I am making every reasonable, and legal, attempt to acquire this set. Otherwise my Brother printer will be getting an arduous work-out.

Thank you, in advance.


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