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My graphics flicker in FSX

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One possible reason for this is if you have "DX10 preview mode" selected inside fsx.

Usually worst where runway and taxiway meet up, and where taxiways connect to aprons.



The "DX10 preview mode" checkbox.

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I have similar issues, after various modification to the catalyst and to the config file

I managed to get it much better graphics, but still getting the white lines on the floor flickering... and I do not use DX10


Do you have more suggestions?




Windows 7 Home Professional (x64) Service Pack 1, Asus P8Z77-V, Intel Core I7 3770K 3.50 Ghz, 16 GB, PC3-memory, Asus Radeon HD 7970, Samsung 840 Pro Series 256 GB, S-ATA III.
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taxi lines fading in the distance...

gets worse at low framerates, but is present at higr gframerates too.

Is worst with no filtering, better with "Bilinear" or "Trilinear" and best with "Anisotropic Filtering". (inside fsx in settings-graphics.)


Sometimes you don't even notice it, in other views and locations it's suddenly much more obvious. For example you won't notice it in evening/night, and will notice it more at dawn and midday. Less when taxiing in the middle on the line, and more when off to the side.

Also depends on zoom level.


I never found a way to ban it completely. Increasing Anti Aliassing and Anisotropic Filtering in the NVidia menu does help.

I think if my graphics card was capable of higher AA settings in the NVidia menu that might help, but my graphics card is an oldie.

(It's a gt430. I'm not unhappy with that at all. The vagueness of the taxi lines starts far enough ahead of me for it not to be an issue. I hardly ever notice it.)

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Notice as I drive along, ahead of me there is a line where the nice dark taxiway texure changes to a dull gray.

As the aircraft gets further, the line moves with it.


The point where the crispnes of the texture changes (and the darkness) is also where your taxiline changes from crisp yellow to vague.






after driving a bit further:




notice the point where it changes is now at a place further along the taxiway too.

In first pic it's before the sign, in the second pic it's just past the sign.

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