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After some months of smooth running I now have the following problem with all aircraft: Take off, flight, navigation, landing etc all work well. On landing brakes seem a bit feeble and so reverse thrust needed (where available). So I can bring a plane to rest. But then to taxi: this is where the fun begins, _any_ application of thrust sends the plane shooting across the airfield and without the use of pause and reset it will pass through hangars, go through the boundary fence etc. Nothing will stop the a/c except (and not always) reverse thrust and parking brake. Just the tiniest application of the throttle needed to set all this off. But basically uncontrollable and my flightsim nearly unusable. Is this a known issue and is there a remedy? All suggestions most welcome.


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Going through buildings sounds almost as if you accidentally engage slew mode.

Check to what key you have that assigned. (y by default).

You may have assigned it to / accidentally and may be engaging it when trying to retract spoiler or something.

With slew engaged light pressure on controls creates a lot of movement.

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