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Welcome to Air Logistics, a virtual airline making a difference in the flight simulation community. Air Logistics (ALOG) is a fictional based virtual airline or VA, providing its members a friendly and relaxed atmosphere to share our mutual enjoyment of the flight simulation hobby.


Air Logistics simulates a medium (but growing) sized passenger, cargo and charter airline headquartered in Denver, Colorado. Our primary base of operations from the Denver International Airport (KDEN) allows us to provide service throughout North America and the World.


Air Logistics Passenger Services


The passenger airline business is a mess these days. True customer service has simply gone the way of Braniff, Northwest and now recently US Air. As the big airlines gobbled up the smaller airlines, the art of service somehow got put on the wrong airplane and is sitting on a tarmac somewhere far away.


Air Logistics has decided to bring the glory days of air travel back from the past. We pride ourselves on providing the very best service with competitive fares. AND WE DON’T CHARGE FOR CHECKED BAGS or DRINKS! Virtual Passengers love this new (but old) concept and ALOG is selling almost every seat on just about every aircraft and route we schedule.


Air Logistics Cargo Services


The Air Logistics cargo division includes a scalable sorting facility at the KDEN airport. Similar to the Fedex sort facility at KMEM and the UPS sort facility at KSDF. While ALOG does not handle door-to-door package delivery, we haul just about anything and for anyone.


Our largest customers are actually Fedex, UPS and the United States Parcel Service (USPS). ALOG operates daily flights to KMEM and KSDF from KDEN assisting to keep the world on time. These flights return to KDEN where friendly ALOG employees and massive machines will sort and load cargo onto additional aircraft to travel all over the world.


Why Air Logistics?


We know you have hundreds (perhaps thousands) of choices in the virtual airline community. Air Logistics was created for the flight simulation community in an effort to make flight simulation fun. ALOG membership is absolutely free to all regardless of age or experience. ALOG is a community for all experience levels to learn and share the common interest and passion for flight simulation. Finally, ALOG is a member driven community. If you have an idea, please share it. If it fits within our scope of operations it may be considered.

Jerry Taylor - CEO

virtual Air Logistics



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