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AI Traffic Disappears, found the problem!


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Ok, a lot of you most likely already know this, but if anyone out there like me, does not. Here is what I found. I've had issues with AI Traffic disappearing and FSX just sticking. By a LOOOONG process of elimination, I found that the "Addon Scenery" files I got from Flightsim.com were causing a problem. Go to "Addon Scenery" open the addon scenery folder you placed there, you see two folders. "Scenery" and "Texture". Open the scenery folder and look for a Traffic file named similar to this. " TrafficGreaterKankakee_fsx.bgl". Create a folder within that scenery folder , I call mine "Hold". move the file there, restart FSX, you should have traffic back. Sorry if that is a bit simplistic for some of you guys, but for folks like me.....well....we need all the help we can get!
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