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Just came back to FSX after years of Xplane... free mods to update graphics?


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I've been on xplane for a long while now... love the flight model and graphics... and at the same time, I HATE the graphics. VFR is horribly unreal. Sure the streets are there and the trees and buildings are cool, but my area, NJ and NY in particular are barren and unrealistic even under the highest settings. So I decided to go back to FSX as I've seen some amazing city scenery for my area. I've just installed a fresh copy along with service pack 1 and 2, along with some of my fav planes I saved on CD-RW (lol) from back in the day.


However, what should I do with the rest of the sim? I'm sure theres been leaps and bounds in updates. What do you guys recommend like a top 5 things to do to FSX to "modernize" it? Weather/cloud rendering, shoreline/terrain updates, texture effects etc.


Thanks all!

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For wx: Opus, ActiveSky and REX. For shorelines, roads, landclass - Orbx FSGlobal, Vector, and LC Europe (they're planning to cover other parts of the world with landclass also). If you're a frequent VFR flyer, Orbx airports (free and payware) and RTMM sceneries (freeware) are highly recommended.



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I have a little bit older system and lighter budget for improving FSX.


I purchased payware:

GEX North America (Upgraded ground textures)

UTX USA (Compliments GEX with improved roads, tracks, coastlines, water, lighting, etc)


I installed freeware:



I also ran Bojote's tweaker app and run FSX frames unlimited with an external frame rate limiter set for 20 fps, and I have used Nick's FSX tuning guide to help me set my sliders for good, smooth performance.


This is on a 2009 Dell with 8G RAM, Win7, running FSX Acceleration.


I fly IFR with jetliners and get great results. I have the QW 146/RJ and 757; the Coolsky DC-9, the CaptainSim 727, 737, and 777; the CLS MD-80; and the Feelthere ERJ-135/145.

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In addition to the scenery and weather suggestions, if you fly GA (or Warbirds) then check out the offerings from A2A Simulations. The aircraft add another dimension to your flying. This, coupled with the suggestions above, will take the sim to another level.
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