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Saitek Throttle quadrant Settings not saving in FSX


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Prior to completely giving up on flight simulation due to shear frustration, may I ask if anyone knows why I might be having this problem. I flew over 600 flights with no issues then after time, I knew it was time to reformat and move up to windows 8 and now the upgrade to Win10.


First problem with minimal basic info. Open FSX, start a flight with the PMDG NGX -700 series particularly. First I need to set up my Saitek Yoke, TH QUAD and Rudder Pedals. Most I can set up with no problem either directly in FSX or with the Madcatz software from Saitek. My major problem at this time is when i have completed any testing, or flying, it will not save my settings under any circumstances and the next time I activate FSX I have to reprogram the Levers on the throttle quad. If I try to "save" the flight in FSX, it crashes to desktop and of course will not save.


I have searched for hours and even have a ticket in with Saitek, they respond every 3 to 4 days or so with little help. This is my last ditch effort before I feel I just need to find a new hobby. Quite frustrating. I am running an ASUS p8z77 atx intel MB, Intel I-5 processor. 16GB ram, WD 500GB HDD with WIndows10 updated. Agility 240gb SSD with FSX and other flight programs installed to that drive. Note that this build has always run superbly with no issues. The build is right at 3 years old. Thanks for any help. Deighvid

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