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Aerosoft Airbus' Performance on a low spec PC


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Hello everyone,


I've only owned FSX since it cam out on Steam last December, but I now want to move on to better aircraft.

The Aerosoft Airbus Bundle from Just Flight caught my eye (£39.99), and I have watched some videos on the aircraft.


I was wondering is anyone with a PC similar to mine would know how well is it will run (FPS wise), because I have been trying to read up on this on various forums, and people are getting mixed results.


Intel i5-4460 @ 3.20GHz


Nvidia Geforce 705


I'm not running many addon airports (A few UK2000 and Aerosoft Keflavik), and I don't own ASN or REX or anything like that.


Any advice or help would be much appreciated, sorry if I sound noobish.



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