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A new clitch in my FSX


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I am experiencing a "new" glitch in FSX. Let me preface by saying that I had to uninstall FPS Booster as it was having a negative impact on my FSX. Having said that here is the new problem, when I click to open FSX I get a black screen with the FSX menu bar at the top of it with a indicator, FSX Not Responding. This happens every time I attempt to open FSX. Sometimes when I click on the "X" in the upper right hand corner it reverts to the FSX opening screen and then opens FSX, other times it does not and I have to make several attempts to open it. I do not understand why this problem has appeared in the last 3 days I never had the problem before. I am in hope that someone might know how I can resolve this issue. Additionally, I have done a complete repair function on FSX and FSX Acceleration and done Flight 1 FS Registry Repair.
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