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Why Flightsimming Is Better Than Real Flying



Here's why flightsimming is better than real flying:




While I admire those developers who create planes that require a real preflight inspection and keep track of the aircraft maintenance, there are days when I'd gladly give up that realism when at the airport, and just jump in the plane and go as you can do with a flightsim plane.


Winter seems to have come early this year, and that's a good foot of wet heavy snow that has to be removed. I'd rather be flying than shoveling!






That was a lot of work. Glad to be home in front of a warm computer again!


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I really believe that this guy NEVER flown an airplane. I'm simmer. But I know what means a real fly. Actually I love to fly a glider. I love to fly an ultralight. FSX and others ara a marvelous world.I agree. But we cannot compare with the real fly. Bye.
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You would be wrong then. That's my plane and I have nearly 1500 hours flying it. I love real world flying too, but sometimes the details involved in getting into the air are not so fun!
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@theorenato There's nothing about this article that would lead any reasonable person to believe Nels has "NEVER" flown a plane. Much less to lead anyone to "really believe" so. Your comment is so wierd. Btw, flight simming is better than real flying because flight simming has never orphaned anyone. Edited by jasondial
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Winter for aviation has been replaced by a period of quarantine. Now all civil aviation has stopped. There are no passenger traffic. But it's a good time to think what to do next.
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