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Flying In The Back



As much time as I spend with flightsimming, and also real GA flying, I rarely have the chance to fly in an airliner. The need just doesn't seem to come up much.


This week, though, I'm on a trip to Redmond, WA. Yesterday was a long day of flying, in a United Boeing 757-200 first to Denver and then to Seattle. Overall a pretty pleasant flight and favorable conditions. We got to Denver 45 minutes early so I had more time to walk around and stretch after 4 hours on the plane. In Seattle, we landed 20 minutes early but our gate was still in use so we sat on the taxiway for 20 minutes.


Not a bad travel experience but frustrating in a way for an aviation enthusiast. I did not have window seat and the person there kept shutting the shade to work on their laptop. I really wanted to see outside! I got so see some of the departure and landing but so frustrating not to be able to see more.


Of course, I really wanted to be up front, left seat. I'm used to that great view in my Piper Archer and even airliner flying with FSX and FS2004. It's really a shame there's no way to do that. At least they should build airliners with bigger side windows.


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I too hate the pulled down shades. Long haul is even worse. On a London to Sydney recently they shut all the shades to 'trick' us into sleeping during the 'night'. We were flying at 360 over the Caspian Sea and the Himalayas in broad daylight! The view would have being fantastic but no go.

Equally frustrating was a San Francisco to London (over the high Arctic) at night. The northern lights would have be wonderfull except I was in a center seat.

More Tail Cams (ala the A380) please.

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