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compleat reinstall of computer and flight sim, because of adding more ram....



It seemed so simple! upgrade from 32 gig of ram to 64.... So off to Scan UK for two 16 gig sticks.. SSame as the the ones I have, so I thought, turned off computer slotted in the new sticks.... The fired up the computer, no reading the C drive!!!!! in the end (hours later) I had no choice but to reformat the C drive and do a complete reinstall.... I got as far as installing windows then crashed again..... C drive unreadable again.... long story short The ram stick I bought was infact a miss match, serial numbers not quite the same, out by one didgit... Ram sticks are made in batches and the serial numbers must match up perfectly... Back to Scan Uk got the issues sorted, I now run on 64 gig Dominator Ram... People say you don't need 64 Gigs has no game needs 64 gigs.... that may be true, but it don't half make your computer run faster!!!!!!

I've reinstalled flight sim and now doing all the Market Place updates........ SO THE MORAL OF THE STORY IS, SIMPLY CHECK THAT YOUR SEREAL NUMBERS ON THE RAM STICK MATCH UP.... other wise you will have issues!!!!


My biggest issue was loosing all my landscape photos from a recent trip to Iceland... They were all taken off the camera cards and placed on the C drive... So I bought Disk Drill data recovery software and was able to recover all the photo's from the camera cards...... so all in all it's been one hell of a week this end!!!!

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