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What Does it Take to Run a Flight School



There are many different options to earn a living in the aviation industry. The two most common are operating an airline, as detailed in the article, and teaching at a flight school. In this blog post, I will clarify what it takes to run a flight school and offer advice for aspiring flight student operations.


Licensing and Certification


The first thing you will need to offer is pilot's licensing and private pilot certificates, which can be earned in a few months. Your students must go through a rigorous process of taking flight lessons, taking medical exams, and then passing both written and practical flight tests administered by the FAA to get their private pilot's license certificate


Additional time is needed to earn higher ratings, such as advanced or instrument ratings, allowing students to fly even further and more safely. After getting a private pilot's license certificate, it is time to go out and look for a job. Certifications can be offered to your students. For examples, you can look at multiple organizations such as the Airline Transport Pilot's Association, the Southeastern Pilot Training Center, or any of the many different schools that are out there in the industry.



Decide what you will require to accept an applicant into your program. Usually, this will involve taking and passing an extensive check ride with a certified flight instructor. Once they have completed this, it is time to start your program. It is essential to know that before a student begins a schedule, they must contact the FAA and let them know that they are going into a flight school. It will allow them to keep their records up-to-date and enable the school to continue doing business without legal issues from the FAA.




The first school phase is precisely what it sounds like; learning how to fly. It is a step-by-step process usually taken by the student one day at a time. It helps to incorporate the FAA's goals and objectives into the lesson plans of each flight session.. In this way, you will be able to imprint on your students’ minds what each purpose was and make sure that they can perform these tasks when they are in a plane without the assistance of others.




The facilities for your school can be as big or as small as you like. You will need access to a plane at the very minimum, but can also have your own hangar, plane or planes, and different models and simulations for your students. You decide how big of an operation you would like to run. It may help to rent a hangar and/or crane rental Theodore Alabama for moving and storing your equipment or it may be a wise investment to buy.


A flight school offers many aviation job opportunities with excellent earning potential. The fact that flight schools are increasing in popularity can be attributed to the number of students at private pilot schools. Although some students find it worthwhile pursuing a career in aviation, others want a job that allows them the flexibility to start their businesses and pick up part-time or full-time jobs along the way.

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