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How To Help Your Kids Sleep Better at Night



Getting your little ones to relax and rest is not the easiest of undertakings. Whether they are overly tired, going through developmental changes or still amped up from the day, you may find yourself negotiating and struggling through bedtimes. While many parents are accustomed to these types of frustrating challenges, some strategies can help you ease your children through bedtime. If you want your kids to fall asleep more easily and sleep more soundly, here are a few must-try strategies.


Keep Them Active During the Day

Much like adults, kids need to burn off energy during the day to help them sleep better. Not only can this help them fall asleep faster, but it can also help regulate their natural rhythms. Whether you give your little one a youth fastpitch softball bat and play at your local park or community team, go for walks or hikes together or just have them run around outside playing, keeping them active during the day can make a huge difference at bedtime.


Be Mindful With Naps

For little ones and teenagers, naps can be a useful tool to boost energy throughout the day and help them recharge; however, napping can also inhibit nighttime rest. As a parent, you need to help them regulate their schedules, so be mindful of naptimes. Even though it may be challenging, try to keep your little ones from napping too late in the day, as it could complicate bedtime. Use naps wisely, but make sure that you are aware of how they may work against you.


Stick to a Schedule

A standard schedule can also be a powerful force and useful tool. Regularity and routine can make a huge difference in bedtime efficiency. Not only can it give your child clear expectations but following a routine can also help signal to their bodies when bedtime is. Sticking to schedules can be incredibly helpful for kids of all ages.


Establish a Bedtime Routine

To boost the efficacy of your schedule, you should also try to build a bedtime routine. A consistent routine can boost their sleep hygiene and thereby, promote high-quality rest. Try strategies like calming showers or baths, reading books, caring for dental hygiene and other forms of relaxing before bed. Use these strategies to help your little one calm down at the end of the day so that they can ease into a restful state.


Build a Sleep Sanctuary

Your child’s room is another influence that you can change to improve their sleep. Create a calming sleep sanctuary so that your little one has the best environment possible for high-quality sleep. Factors like the temperature of the room, their bedding, light and sound can all play a powerful part in your child’s sleep, so make sure that their room is set up carefully.


Boost a Sense of Safety

A common challenge that many parents manage with their kid’s sleep troubles is the little one lacking a sense of safety. Often having little to do with the parents, kiddos can develop fears of the dark, nighttime and sleep. If your little one is feeling a bit anxious about bedtime, there are plenty of ways that you can help them feel safer at night. Oftentimes little ones need reassurance and to build up that sense of security, and you can play a big part in how they tackle that. Tools like nightlights and security blankets and toys can also be incredibly useful.


Consult Their Pediatrician

If you aren’t sure what to do about their sleep troubles, you can always consult their pediatrician. Many parents experience bedtime struggles with their kiddos, and consulting a healthcare professional can help you identify useful strategies. Their pediatrician can also be an immensely helpful resource if your little one has more complex sleep troubles.


Helping your kids get the sleep that they need is an important part of their well-being; however, it is also all too often far easier said than done. If you are struggling with bedtimes, you need these transformative bedtime strategies. You and your little ones can find your way to smoother, less stressful and more restful nighttime experiences.


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