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Best Ways to Enjoy the Last Days of Your Family Summer



The end of a school year usually brings a great deal of anticipation. Kids look forward to sleeping in and having time away from homework. Parents get a break from dropping off forgotten lunches, signing permission slips, and ensuring assignments are done on time. While it may seem like there are plenty of days to spend together as a family, television is running commercials for backpacks and laptops before you know it. If you want to squeeze in as much as possible, consider these ideas for the last day of your family summer.


Plan a Vacation

Since you will likely be spending the next few months orbiting from home, use the final weeks before homeroom to plan a group getaway. You could make your trip a surprise for the kids or use it as an opportunity to bond as you decide on the perfect destination. Whether you are looking for somewhere close to where you live, or you want to fly across the country, find a place everyone can enjoy as soon as you're ready. For example, using the Marriott Odessa can make booking accommodations quick and easy so you can pack your bags and go.


Go Out for a Fancy Dinner

Summer dinners may tend to be lighter fares. To mark the return to an academic or work routine, have a celebratory evening where everyone can dress up and feel special. Feel free to splurge on a five-star establishment, but remember, you do not have to spend excessive money on this occasion. Instead, surround the event with pomp to make it stand out. Pull out your elegant outfits, maybe get a fresh haircut, and focus on making the night unique, so it does signal an exciting transition. Never underestimate the impact of family meals together.


Create a Top Ten List to Share

For some people, summer is busier and more fast-paced than the cooler months. If that fits your experience, build up to your calmer season with a fun, culminating competition. Ask each member of your clan to brainstorm their favorite memories of the last one hundred days and then make a poster or slide presentation of what you all did and why they liked it. Sit back, laugh as you relive the highlights, and then pick the one you will never forget.


Start Organizing an Autumn Calendar

Rather than looking forward with a sense of despair, go to an arts and crafts store and buy some scrapbooking supplies so you can make a calendar for the dates ahead. You could purchase a sizeable erasable board and festive stickers to mark particular holidays, sporting events or concerts. In addition to getting prepared, you may find this gives you the chance to ease back into your day-to-day routine.


Get to the Forgotten Summer Bucket List Items

Somehow, it never fails that what looked like endless flexibility at the beginning of your holiday suddenly becomes a rush to get everything done. An excellent way to enjoy the last days of your family summer together is to revisit what you all hope to accomplish two months prior. No matter if it is something as simple as cleaning out a closet or painting a room, recommit yourselves to getting it completed. On the other hand, if you all wanted to take a road trip and did not make it happen, then drive to the mountains, beach, or city and relax as you take in the sights. When your primary goal is the embrace the minutes as a whole unit, the most crucial factor is togetherness.


As you can see, the best place to travel with your family before summer ends, is a place you can go collectively. This might be an actual locale or it might be a symbolic journey that strengthens your bond. Whichever is suitable for you and your brood, make sure you stop to reflect on how lucky you are.


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