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XPlane2Blender v4.0.0-beta.1


Well folks, we are finally feature complete, very stable, and asbug free as we can be at the moment! This update was for some smallbugs and to wait and see if there would be feedback on alpha.6.


When attempting to export a project with no exportable collectionsor objects you'll get an error asking if you forgot to check anyExportable Collection|Object checkboxs, Hopefully this helps beginnersfind those checkboxes and get started.

Sorry for keeping XPlane2Blender in Alpha for so long. I developeverything with the knowledge that the artist community will jump onthe latest and greatest as soon as it is out there and strive for thegreatest possible quality at all times. In the future I think we'llnot use the label as much. It caused a lot of concern about whether ornot it should be used, even when it was quite ready.

XPlane2Blender is developed using Blender 2.80 because some LinuxDistros are slow to update Blender, and some people are slow to updateBlender versions. If you are using Blender 2.82 it should work, but,tell me how it goes. I haven’t heard anything bad yet.


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