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XFER Design Moving H145 To X-Plane 11


A little bit of a random update and some background story this time.

If you follow our progress from the very start you might rememberthat we started our development in early 2017 on X-Plane 10. Whilebuilding objects and creating textures is not really affected by thesimulator you are using them on (with certain exceptions obviously)systems are a whole different story.

Over the few past years we managed to more or less successfullyignore the fact that we have to convert our systems from X-Plane 10 to11 at some point in time and we just continued programming on X-Plane10 basis.

While we made great progress on the Helionix systems and all other"non object stuff" we always feared of running into some big problemswhen converting to X-Plane 11.

Furthermore, this forced us to hold back on some X-Plane 11 perksand made developing challenging sometimes.

So, we are pleased (and still slightly nervous) to announce that wescrapped the X-Plane 10 version and started focusing on X-Plane 11only. As expected, we already ran into some minor and some major bugsof which some of them are already fixed and some of them unfortunatelyare not. Yet. Hopefully.

This will make development not only easier but much more enjoyableas we can benefit from focusing on one platform. So long, bear withus.


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