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X-Plane v11.53RC1 News


Here is some news from Ben Supnik over at Laminar Research andtheir just released 11.53RC1 update for X-Plane 11:

Departures and Arrivals, Lua Bug Fixes, G2 Controllers, and Stuff

Every week for the last ten weeks I've thought "I should reallywrite a dev blog post" and then...not done that. This isn'tbecause all is quiet on the Western front - on the contrary, everyoneon the team has been really, really busy, and the dev blog is neverthe loudest thing shouting for attention. But now we have a new RCavailable, so here we are.

Mi Memory Es Tu Memory

11.53 fixes one bug, and it's a rare bug, but it's "exciting" whenit happens. It turns out that if a Lua plugin requests a really hugeamount of memory, instead of saying "no," X-Plane gives the Luaprogram someone else's memory. This is not good! If the bank gave yousomeone else's money, that'd be a bad bookkeeping error. This bug istoo, and the consequences of the bug are typically "really insanestuff happens later," which is hard to sort out. The plugin thatcrashes may not be the plugin that requested the memory.

X-Plane 11.53 fixes this - large allocations that cannot befulfilled are denied, which should cause the Lua plugin to halt theaffected script without destabilizing the system.


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