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X-Plane 11.50 Beta 17 - Performance Fixes


X-Plane 11.50 Beta 17 is out now. Thereare a lot of bug fixes in this beta. We are getting near the end ofthe 11.50 run and the fixes are becoming smaller and more targeted aswe try to lock things down.

We fixed several performance issues on the GPU and CPU, on bothplatforms. Probably the biggest single fix is Mac cloud performancewith Metal and no-anti-aliasing; it turns out that having therendering surface shared between Metal and OpenGL on a Mac puts itinto a layout that slows down the GPU. (This is not an issue onVulkan.) We’ve fixed this by using separate VRAM for cloud renderingvs plugins; GPU performance with Metal should match OpenGL.

VR users: water reflections are fixed, as well as hopefully thecrash on quit with Nvidia + Rift headsets, and we’ve tried to fix theVR mouse not being available until a controller is activated on WMRheadsets.

Multi-monitor users: we finally figured out why the horizon linewasn’t lined up – it turns out each monitor was using a differentmonitor’s height and chaos ensued.

If your bug number isn’t listed in the fixes, you don’t need totell us it's still broken, but if we did list a bug as fixed and youstill see it, please file a bug and include the XPD number if you knowit.

Oh, and Mac Catalina users: you no longer have to reboot yourmachine after an update. (This was an installer issue – the newinstaller rolled this week.)

Third party developers: Thomson made this survey form! Basicallywe’re trying to decide where the best place(s) are to discuss futuredev, so we figured we’d get some feedback before proceeding. We’ve hadsome discussions of future extensions to the SDK on Slack, but not allthird party devs have time to monitor a Slack channel, and we don’twant to leave people out.


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