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X-Crafts Offers Free Preview Of E140


This model gives you a chance to download and load the model insideof X-Plane, so that you can see it before you decide to buy it.

You cannot fly this model because it has no instruments, noplugins, and the flight model is replaced with a shape of acarrot.

It will also give you a good idea of the frame rates you would begetting on your system. Please note that frame rates of the fullversion which includes all the plugins and instruments may be a bitlower.

All of the ERJs have more or less the same frame rates. So if youcan run this E140, you will be able to run any of them.


  • Again, you cannot fly this model. The flight model literally has the shape of a carrot. Granted, carrots are quite aerodynamic, but unfortunately the only thing they can do is fall (with style).
  • All objects and textures included.
  • You can move the control surfaces (flaps, spoilers, ailerons, elevators, rudder).
  • You can open/close all doors by clicking on them (while in the 3D cockpit view).
  • You can control the interior and exterior lights using the knobs and switches in the cockpit and in the cabin.
  • You can turn the batteries on and off (to provide power to the panel and cockpit lights).
  • There are 10 golden tickets hidden all around the aircraft, try finding them all. Very few people have found all of them!
  • You can also turn the whole aircraft into a giant carrot, if you find the big red button which is hidden somewhere in the aircraft ;)
  • The model will self destruct after three loads.


  • No manipulators other than the ones mentioned above are included.
  • No instruments, plugins or FMS are included.
  • No sounds are included.


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