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X-Camera 2.4 Has Been Released


Stick and Rudder Studios is pleased to announce the releaseof X-Camera 2.4. This is a free upgrade for all existingX-Camera 2.x users. Here are some of the key features in version2.4.

  • New User Interface
  • Drag-Drop Camera and Category Ordering
  • Supports the Ability to Pop-Out the Control Panel and Mini-Control Panel to Top-Level OS Windows
  • Color Coded Mini-Control Panel
  • Right Click Mouse-Look Support
  • Wheel Zoom Disable by Camera
  • Circle Camera
  • AGL Camera
  • Improved Airport Camera Support
  • Enhanced Support for Lua Script Special Effects
  • AI Perspective Support for the new X-Plane 11.5 TCAS API

This plugin for X-Plane 11 is a replacement camera system that letsyou define multiple view categories and multiple views within thosecategories that are associated with specific aircraft. X-Camera alsosupports airport cameras that can be positioned at gates, towers,runways, and along the taxiways.

Read our interview with the developer

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