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WebFMC Pro For X-Plane 11 v1.6.0 Released


WebFMC is a X-Plane 11 plugin that makes it possible to access theCDU of select airplanes via any modern web browser running onvirtually any device (phone, tablet, smart TV...) in your localnetwork.

WebFMC Pro 1.6.0 has just been released, now with dual CDU supportand more. This is our biggest and most significant update so far andit contains the following changes:

  • Support for Dual CDUs in all aircraft that properly support two CDUs in the cockpit (see compatibility list below and in our documentation)
  • Support for EADT x737 in combination with Default FMC (x737FMC is also supported).
  • Updated detection of FlightFactor A350 XWB Advanced to support new A350 1.6+ (old style MCDU)
  • Reorganized options into groups in the Settings dialog
  • Added option to switch to alternative font
  • Added slider to control button click volume
  • Fixed issues with button click sound in Safari browsers
  • Fixed issues with rendering in mobile Firefox browser
  • Maintain backup of the license file in Output/WebFMC and automatically restore it into Plugins/WebFMC if missing after plugin reinstall.
  • Fixed an issue where in an unlikely event of abnormal exit of the plugin helper process WebFMC would flood X-Plane log with error messages. Gracefully handle restart of the helper process in such cases.
  • PDF Manual improved and migrated to LaTeX
  • Changes to internal tooling & build process: on Windows the UCRT (Universal CRT) is now required; it is installed by default on Windows 10, for older Windows versions it may be neccessary to download and install it from https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/download/details.aspx?id=48234
  • Updated most of the 3rd party libraries and components to their latest versions.

The highlight of this new release is of course support for dualCDUs. You can switch between Captain and First Officer’s CDUinstantaneously by swiping or tapping over the upper area of the FMC -see settings dialog for options related to that and check out PDFmanual for details; you can also of course use separate tablets /phones to have really independent units. While this may seem like ararely needed feature, you may actually be surprised how useful it isfor monitoring independent FMC pages on a single device by quicklyswitching sides with a simple swipe. Try it!

Dual CDU support for Laminar’s default FMC also fixes rare use casewhen an aircraft has just one CDU, but it’s bound to the F/O side -one known plane like this is B1900D from Carenado - this is now usablewith WebFMC, you just need to switch WebFMC to F/O side.


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