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VSKYLABS Updates Phoenix Air U-15 LSA Project


VSKYLABS are updating their Phoenix Air U-15 LSA Project forX-Plane. First started way back in 2017, this latest update includes acomplete remake of the aircraft:

Great news! The VSKYLABS Phoenix Air U-15 LSA Project for X-Planeby Laminar Research is about to exceed a major update release point toversion 6.0. The new version includes almost a complete remake of theentire project, bringing it to fall in line with the latest VSKYLABSprojects (initial release version v1.0 was released in March2017!)


The Phoenix Air Phoenix is a Czech low-wing, two-seat motor glider,designed and manufactured by Phoenix Air(http://www.phoenixair.cz -developed by Martin A Stepanek) and it is provided as acomplete ready-to-fly aircraft. The Phoenix is powered by a Rotax 912ULS 100hp engine and it was designed to comply with the FederationAeronautique Internationale microlight rules and US light-sportaircraft rules.

It is built from composites. Its 15 m span wing can be converted to11 m by removing the wing tips and installing shorter ones for fastercruise speed when flown as a microlight aircraft.

The Phoenix can be flown for hundreds or thousands of miles witheither sets of wings. It is a super-versatile, state of the art lightsport aircraft. Release of the new version of the VSKYLABS PhoenixAir U-15 LSA Project will take place during July 2021. Although beinga major update release, the update will be FREE to all existingcustomers!


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