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VSKYLABS Updates A22-LS And Icon A5


The VSKYLABS Aeroprakt A22-LS Project was updated earlier this weekto v1.07. The update included interaction addition, which is abuilt-in binding capability of the braking lever to a Joystickaxis. Quite useful for those who are focusing on Joystick hardwarecontrols and would want to fly the aircraft with the *real* feel.

Braking in the A22 is made by a single lever which activates bothbrakes symmetrically (similar to the braking system in the FlightDesign CTLS aircraft). Now, with the use of the built-in axisassignment, it can be done not only inVR/on-screen/switch/button... but also with the use of a dedicatedJoystick axis.

More information regarding this update can be found in theproject's main pages (update log / POH), also in the VSKYLABS supportforums.

The VSKYLABS A22 is expecting a major upcoming update, which willinclude the addition of a new variant: A Floats equipped Foxbat!Update will take place in the near future.


The VSKYLABS ICON-A5 Project was updated as well. This time it wasa minor update: added payload weight interaction with the passenger,also the passenger model was refined for better visualization. Moreinformation can be found in the project's main pages (update log /POH), and in the VSKYLABS support forums.

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