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VSKYLABS Update On VSL Base-5


VSKYLABS 'VSL Base-5' site is being constructed...getting preparedfor full-scale operations. Initially developed for the VSKYLABS ATV(Advanced Terrain Vehicle) project, but also with a focus onhelicopters/STOL and other VTOL training and operations as well.

The VSKYLABS ATV vehicle is scheduled for release side by side withthe 'VSL Base-5', but as a separate add-on.

Stay tuned for more exciting news and get ready for your nextadventure and exploration in X-Plane by Laminar Research!

Reminder: 'VSL Base-5' is a fictional air-base, locatedapproximately 40 nautical miles west of Anchorage Alaska, close to theedge of Inner Lake George. Although being fictional, it is a plausibleair-base, designed with scientific approach, allowing realisticaircraft/helicopters/VTOL and terrain vehicle operations.

VSKYLABS Announces Scenery Project: VSL Base-5
VSKYLABS Announces Advanced Terrain Vehicle XP

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