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VSKYLABS Update on RC Helicopter For X-Plane


VSKYLABS - A highly engineered simulation of 1:7 Scale, turbinepowered RC (radio-controlled) helicopter model. In the video - sometests (raw edits), including turbine power loss at the end.

Development and flying using USB Transmitter-type Joystick (Mode 2).

Sounds are fmod studio, composed and multi-layer build for maximumrealism.

The project introduces several assisting-features for the RC pilotin X-Plane, for optimum convenience and operations, both for 2-d andVR modes.

The project will introduce the world of RC helicopters (Turbinepowered specifically), with detailed illustrations, instructions anduseful information for the beginner and expert enthusiasts.

Flying RC model helicopters is...challenging...however it is one ofthe most rewarding activities both in real-world and in asimulator.

Stay tuned for more showcasing/showoff videos.

VSKYLABS Announces Turbine RC Helicopter For X-Plane

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