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VSKYLABS Update On Pond Racer And A22-LS



The VSKYLABS Rutan Model-158 ("Pond Racer") Project for X-Plane byLaminar Research: As noted in previous posts, the VSKYLABS RutanModel-158 Project is introducing an enhanced yet plausible version ofthe Model-158 which is incorporating a highly defined and robust PT6-ATurbojet propulsion simulation and other enhancements/modificationsthat are aimed to extend the aircraft usability in addition the basic"Stick and Throttle" Racing aircraft usage.

Enhancements are including the PT6-A propulsion implementation,pressurized cockpit, on-board Oxygen system, navigation aids,auto-pilot, Anti-icing and De-icing systems and more.


In order to stay truthful to the original design, all enhancementsare being built around the SOLID CORE of the original Model-158design, and with true-to-life, plausible integrations to theaircraft. A lot of thinking and effort is being made to include the"Rutan design approach spirit" as well.

Based on the original Model-158 general cockpit layout, theinterior is designed with a "Sporty" 90's look-and-feel!

The VSKYLABS Aeroprakt A22-LS Project will soon be showcased deeperand closer, as development is reaching its goals for initial releaseversion v1.0.

These two projects are under development for quite a long time now(long months, and more than a year). This is quite normal, althoughthe wait can get a bit "painful" to some...This is the nature of suchprojects development process that involves a delicate multi-aspectdesign, engineering and development effort. If all goes as expected,BOTH project are SCHEDULED FOR RELEASE during February and March2021(!!!) This is quite close and approaching fast! So Stay tuned!

VSKYLABS Shares Cockpit For Aeroprakt A22-LS
VSKYLABS Update on ATV for X-Plane

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