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VSKYLABS Posts More Details on F-4E Project XP


The VSKYLABS 'Test-Pilot': F-4E Project for X-Plane by LaminarResearch (Work In Progress). Development News!

As noted, the project covers practically all of the F-4aircraft-systems, including normal and emergency operation modes.

Later versions of the F-4E included Leading Edge slats system whichwas integrated into the Slats-Flaps system. The flaps and slats workedsimultaneously during takeoff and landing, while the automatic slatssystem provided (automatic) operation of the slats during inflightmaneuvering, improving maneuverability. The F-4E slats system includedtwo leading-edge slat sections for each wing (outer and inner).

In normal inflight operations, the slats operated (automatically)as a function of Angle Of Attack. Above 11.5 units, the slat wereextended until AOA was reduced back below 10.5 units. Other modes ofoperation allowed manual extension of the slats, under certainairspeed conditions, and emergency extension as well.

The Flaps-Slats system is being simulated to its full extent in theVSKYLABS F-4E.

Another system worth mentioning at this stage is the Anti-Skidbraking system that detects skid initiation in the main landing wheelsand automatically releases brake pressure as a function of skidseverity. In the F-4, upon touchdown, the pilot is "standing on thebrakes" while the system provides shorter landing rolls (with theaddition of a braking chute deployment). The F-4 is a heavyaircraft. When landing with inoperative Anti-Skid system, excessivebraking will most probably lead to blowing up the tires....(this is ofcourse being simulated as well...).

Stay tuned for more exciting development news, that will cover allsystems on board, bit by bit...

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