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VSKYLABS C-47 Project Released For X-Plane


The VSKYLABS C-47 Skytrain Flying Lab Project v4.0 for X-Plane byLaminar Research is released!

New version v4.0 is the most comprehensive update to the projectsince the release of version v1.0 back in 2017!

The VSKYLABS C-47 FLP is a highly defined C-47 Skytrain simulationthat covers the aircraft deeply, based on real-world C-47 flyingexperience. The project includes a thorough manual that covers theC-47, its systems and how to operate it.

The update was injected into the project, earlier today, via theincluded STMA auto-updater plugin. The stores build was updated tolatest version v4.0r1 as well.


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