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VSKYLABS Announces Scenery Project: VSL Base-5


FLASHING NEWS! VSKYLABS is developing a new scenery project forX-Plane by Laminar Research: 'VSL Base-5'.

Scenery project 'VSL Base-5' is introducing the ultimate playgroundfor the upcoming VSKYLABS ATV (Advanced Terrain Vehicles) projects,but not only...

In addition to the various ramps, experimental terrain areas,rock-piles and other interactive physics-based elements, 'VSL Base-5'is including various runways and helipads with the focus on helicopterand other VTOL/STOL flight training (basic and advanced).


'VSL Base-5' is a fictional airport (not existing in real life),however it is constructed and engineered to allow highly realisticaircraft operations (it is not a "fantasy" airport). It is locatedapproximately 40 nautical miles west to Anchorage Alaska, close to theedge of Inner Lake George. Having a close icy/water body nearby isquite handy of you are flying an amphibious aircraft such as theVSKYLABS Icon-A5 or the VSKYLABS Polaris AM-FIB.

Stay tuned for more development news! Release window is set to the 2ndquarter of 2021.

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