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VSKYLABS Announces Polaris AM-FIB Project


Coming Soon! The VSKYLABS Polaris AM-FIB Project v2.0.

This is a MAJOR update release which is including a brand newflight dynamics model, built and tuned for X-Plane's Experimentalflight model environment.

Update v2.0 is also including improved 3D pilot and passengervisualization along with an option to include/remove the passenger 'onthe fly' without the use of menus or pauses. The passenger is ofcourse not only visualized, having effect on the flight dynamics,performance and handling of the Trike.


The update is also including a highly defined VR compatibilitylayer which allows VR operations with ease and intuitive controls.

The Polaris AM-FIB is an amphibian vehicle, equipped with landinggear for ground operations, and inflatable boat for water operations(or snow). In this short video, the VSKYLABS Polaris AM-FIB is beingtested during some land-to-water and vice versa transitions, whileheavy.

The scenery in the video is the wonderful PropStrike Studio QuatamRiver, to be foundhere.


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