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VSKYLABS Announces Dynali H3 EasyFlyer


Looks like VSKYLABS have another new project on the go...this time thesmall Belgium built Dynali H3 EasyFlyer/Sport.

VSKYLABS passion for ULM helicopters is no secret. The new andupcoming project to join the VSKYLABS ULM helicopter fleet is theBelgian Dynali H3 EasyFlyer/Sport.

Project's official name is: VSKYLABS 'Test-Pilot': Dynali H3 EasyFlyer.

It is a ULM helicopter which serves for various duties, around theworld, from crop dusting to light utility and sport flying. It ispowered by a Rotax 912 series engine, which was modified by Dynalispecifically for the H3, featuring a Dynali-developed fuel injectionsystem. A turbocharged Rotax 914 is also optional.

The H3 is designed to comply with the European class 6 microlighthelicopter rules, at a gross weight of 450 kg. It is a side-by-sidetwo seater, featuring an enclosed, bubble canopy cockpit.

The H3 design has evolved and there are two main variants serving,which can be easily distinguished by the different tail design, andother features.

The development road-map for the VSKYLABS H3 project is includingthe 'EasyFlyer' configuration (which is the one shown in the attachedscreen shot), and the 'Sport' configuration, which is designed withthe newer T-Tail design. The 'Sport' variant will join the project asan update, after the initial release.


The project is featuring a fully equipped Dynali H3 Microlighthelicopter, which is designed for use with X-Plane experimental flightmodel environment. It is also designed for maximum VR experience...asthe rest of the VSL projects.

Flight model, handling characteristics, and performance areprofessionally engineered and tested, extracting X-Plane features toits limits.

Development Notice

The development as a VSKYLABS project for X-Plane was approved bythe 'Dynali Helicopter Company' , however it is an independent projectwhich is not affiliated and/or endorsed with/by the 'Dynali HelicopterCompany'.

You can read much more about the Dynali H3 helicopter by visitingthe 'Dynali Helicopter Company' web site, where there's a lot ofinformation, photos, online manual, etc.

Ultralight Helicopter Manufacturer - Dynali Helicopter Company

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