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VSKYLABS Aerospace Simulations R66 Update


Side by side with the endless interior and exterior modeling,engineering, animating, texturing and PBR tasks, a 3D riveting processwill soon begin, to cover the entire helicopter. Same goes to theinteriors screws, nuts and bolts, and additional elements.

Flight dynamics and drive-train simulation are getting tighter, andthere is a great effort of bringing the *numbers* to the neededvalues, rates and behavior, within reasonable and plausiblemargins.


A note regarding the *advanced* panel shown in the screen shot(real R66 + VSL R66):

It is the advanced R66 panel. Although may look to some, at firstsight, as an overwhelming glass-cockpit panel, it is in factconstructed to include the simple, analog instruments which areavailable in the simple cockpit panel (7/9 holes/other Robinson*standard* panels, well know as the "classic" R22 and R44 panels).

So practically, flying the R66 using the advanced panel is nodifferent than with the classic one; airspeed indicator, altimeter,vertical speed indicator, N2/Roror rpm, engine torque, MGT, N1% rpm,oil-temp, oil-pressure, fuel-quantity....ALL OF THESE, which areforming 100% of the standard *classic* panel are all existing in theiranalog, original form. So in practice, flying it is quite straightforward to pilots who are used to the classic panel.

Attached are clear screen shots of the panel, showing the analoginstruments within the advanced panel layout.

  • The classic panel is under development as well and it will be optional in the VSL R66 Project - it will be added in one of the planned updates after the initial release will take place.
  • To the ones who are not familiar with the Robinson, the switch onthe cyclic vertical rod is the landing lights switch.
  • The VSL R66 comes with dual-tail-boom strobe-lights (aft and forward). These are visible in the screen shots as well.




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