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VSKYLABS Aerospace Simulations F-19 Interesting Facts


VSKYLABS 'Test-Pilot': F-19 Stealth Fighter for X-Plane 12 (X-Planeby Laminar Research) - A (very few) interesting facts, referring tothe attached split photo:


Interestingly, the original Testors F-19 model had a caged canopywith a center-line, similar to the one of the SR-71. However, theMicroProse F19 was equipped with a modern HUD, which was impossible tomount effectively in the caged canopy...The VSKYLABS F-19 v1.0 isequipped with the caged canopy, mainly because it was the authenticdesign and appearance of the aircraft, and one of the advantages isthat it boosts the flying challenge, especially the landings...tobecome the highlights in every flight, both in 2-d and VRenvironments.


In the original design, the intakes were covered to form aclose-shape with the fuselage. At the time, 'stealthy' was considered'round shape', 'no edges' etc...until the US declassified the F-117Aexistence...and blow all the assumptions to pieces (the F-117 wasnothing BUT sharp edges, corners and non-round shape).

As part of the analysis of the 80's concept, it was obvious thatthe narrow slot around the intake covers provides too little airflowfor the engines, giving the fact that it is a jet fighter aircraft,intended for high AOA maneuvers. The 'chin' (the rounded shape aroundthe nose section, similar to the SR-71) provides some lift at highAOA...but it also induces vortexes that makes the air-intakes designeven more troublesome (probable compressor stall with every high-AOAmaneuver). So...the covers were completely removed in the VSKYLABSF-19 realization.

In some non-Testors F-19 plastic models, the canards were shifteddown to the chin line. This can be a partial solution to manage highAOA chin induced vortexes and keeping it as far as possible from theintakes.

Compressor stall vs AOA is implemented in the VSKYLABS F-19, toreplicate a plausible behavior in certain flying conditions thatinvolves slow speed/high AOA situations.

AGM-65 Maverick:

Visible in the lower split photo (two of these in a row, the secondis hidden). It was a highly 'popular' weapon in the MicroProse F-19simulation...however...it is not a perfect fit to be carried by astealth fighter aircraft, that was supposed to hit strategictargets. Its range is quite short (~17 miles), and its light warhead(~125 pounds) is aimed for tactical targets as tanks, and ships. TheVSKYLABS F-19 carries the AGM-158 low-observable cruise missile (seenin the other attached screenshot). With a range of ~230 miles and 1000pounds warhead, it could serve as a more 'fit' stealth fighterstandoff weapon.

The included manual will cover a thorough analysis of the originalconcept, and of the VSKYLABS realization, in each and every aspect ofa proposed Jet-Fighter aircraft...should be an interesting read!

VSKYLABS Officially Announces F-19 Project For XP12

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