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VSKLABS News On Rutan Model-158 Project


The VSKYLABS Rutan Model-158 Project for X-Plane by LaminarResearch...NEWS FLASH!

Fascinating development: The VSKYLABS Rutan Model-158 project isbeing developed in two separate versions: One version is replicatingthe real 'Pond-Racer' configuration which included two automotiveNissan VG-30 V-6 engines (600 hp each, with modifications to exceed1000 hp).

The second version is a fictional, yet a plausible configuration,equipped with two PT-6A 600-700 hp engines (Work-In-Progress screenshot is attached).

Implementing PT-6 engines into the Model-158 is quite plausible interms of structural design and engine compartments volumes. In fact,it is a much more efficient, reliable and economical propulsion systemwhich is "tailored" for the Model-158. Simulating the Model-158 with arobust turboprop engines simulation is a perfect choice, in termsof...everything!

The VSKYLABS Rutan Model-158 PT-6A version will introduce a highlydefined and authentic PT-6A engine simulation, along with the full"PT-6 set" of cockpit engine-instrumentation, to allow a true-to-lifeoperation and handling of the PT-6A engines.

The VSKYLABS Model-158 will also include enhanced avionics andsystems to extend its usability. It is not only an experimental racingaircraft, but also decent GA/Sport aircraft.

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