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Verticalsim Updates Tampa International For X-Plane 11


Proud to be back into X-Plane 11 for a bit, and with that I'd liketo announce the release of Tampa International Airport (KTPA) Version2.0. Which is the biggest update since the initial release of Version1.0. I added/fixed in a lot of compatibility and new and cool thingsto increase realism! A free update for V1 owners.



Note: Nothing has changed with the mesh file, you will only need toupdate the airport itself.

  • New United MRO hangar (completed recently IRL)
  • Changed color of trees
  • Added more color to the main garages
  • Optimized night lighting for more FPS
  • Filled in more street lights
  • Re-Pbr'd all glass to actually act like glass (Airside A, C, E, F)(Tower)(Main terminal)(Some surrounding buildings)(Renaissance)
  • Redid some textures
  • Changed night lighting textures of Marriot (Removed HOPE)
  • Edited Ramp starts of UPS/Amazon
  • Changed export target to 11.30+
  • Added static aircraft to maintenance hangars
  • Removed ramp starts from engine runup and maintenance hangars
  • Changed Airborne hangars warning lights to a solid red
  • Filled in Airborne South's parking lot with lights and cars
  • Cleaned up runway markings so no double markings appear
  • Cleaned up grass bleed
  • Added some fuel trucks around airport
  • Fixed tree locations
  • Moved UPS trailers further away to give player more room
  • New baggage loaders and airport OPS trucks
  • Fixed missing texture on baggage tractor
  • Added more taxi sign HDR lights



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