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Verticalsim Updates Bishop Int'l Airport


KFNT - Flint International Airport is now re-released and updatedto v1.1.


  • Changed ortho color to be realistic (less harsh green)
  • Fixed concrete color to be more realistic
  • Added support for 11.30 export
  • Traffic Global and World Traffic 3
  • PBR on the terminal
  • Better PBR on ground textures
  • Removed and set proper airlines at their gates
  • Added proper airline ground vehicles in the right spot
  • Removed the requirement for Departure Designs library (scenery should also be more optimized now because of this)


What's New?

  • New grass textures
  • New tree textures
  • New terminal textures
  • Redone FedEx ramp lighting
  • New dirt ground polygons for more realistic dirt
  • Better overall lighting around the airport

You can pick it up for $11.99 on the store, and V1.0 owners receivethis update for free.


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