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VerticalSim Releases Boise Air Terminal XP


KBOI or Boise Air Terminal is located in the state capital ofBoise, Idaho. It's the main airport of the state of Idaho and featuresmany different types of aviation operations. GA, commercial, cargo,and military all service Boise. The most interesting being AlaskaAirlines, and their Q400s. Explore the Air National Guard/USAF basewith A-10s and UH-60s.

Boise's approach is one of the best in the United States, taskingyou with navigating mountains and other terrain. Its use is alsoperfect for those on the Pilotedge and VATSIM networks.




  • 2021 Airport layout
  • PBR Ground Textures
  • Sam Custom Highly detailed jetways
  • Animated Vehicle traffic
  • 4K HD Textures
  • Highly Optimized
  • Accurate 3D models of terminals, hangars
  • Commercial Grade 0.5ft resolution Aerial Imagery
  • HDR night Lighting


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