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Verticalsim Announces KBWI Professional Edition Is Coming


KBWI Professional Edition is coming soon after Omaha!

This new version will features a HUGE log of changes and majorupdates for the airport. Mainly, the new Amazon cargo pads and theedition of SAM jetways. This new version will also features a huge ofamount of visual upgrades including the better use of PBR and thingslike new concrete textures. Also, a slew of better performanceenhancements and easier installation.


Here are some freeware versions of KBWI you might like to try fromthe file library:

FSX Scenery--Baltimore International Airport:fsx_kbwi_rs.zip
FS2004 Scenery--Baltimore/Washington Int'l:kbwik5v2.zip
X-Plane 10 Scenery--KBWI Baltimore-Washington Int'l :kbwi-1.zip

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