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UK2000 Suspending Scenery Development For X-Plane 11


We have taken the difficult decision to suspend scenery developmentfor X-Plane 11 effective immediately. We know that many of ourcustomers may be unhappy with this decision, but there is simply notenough time in the day to develop for four simulators (FSX, P3D, XP11 andMSFS), when UK2000 has only one developer. Who have their own real lifecommitments and family to focus on.

We faced many issues developing for XP11, as the simulator itselfwas like nothing we have developed for before; FSX, P3D and MSFS allhave the same backend infrastructure. MSFS promises to be the nextmajor simulator, obviously it is not at this stage yet, but we feel itwill be in the near future.

So will be shifting our overall development focus to MSFS, P3D andFSX. This decision has not been easy, but it is a decision that wefeel we must take as an scenery developer for the betterment of ourstaff and developer to continue thriving in the future.

Our current X-Plane 11 sceneries will continue to be available topurchase on our web site, if any customers want to grab any of thesesceneries.,/p>

Sorry once again.


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