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TrueEarth Southern California For XP11 On Final


Recapture your love for flying again with the most anticipatedTrueEarth US region ever. Combining thousands of miles of perfectlycrafted aerial imagery, highly detailed cityscapes and fully optimisedfor a smooth flight over the entire region, TrueEarth US SouthernCalifornia is the epitome of Orbx's TrueEarth technology.

Over 250,000 sq km of crisp, color corrected imagery will beseamlessly injected into the world of X-Plane 11 with just a simpleclick via Orbx Central, providing pilots with clear and breathtakingviews of the vast environment below. From the mountains of the SierraNevada and the vast agricultural areas of the southern Interior Valleyand Salton Sea to the sprawling metropolitan areas of Los Angeles andSan Diego - both of which are highly detailed and included inTrueEarth US Southern California.



With our next-generation technology, we have perfected the balanceof hand-crafted detail and performance. With full compatibility forthe latest Vulkan / Metal engine in X-Plane 11 providing optimisedperformance across the entire region, whilst harnessing the power ofthe X-Plane engine to provide pilots with an ultra-rich, detailed andtruly world-class region which will finally allow you to visitSouthern California as though you are really there.


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